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View latest Price List of Hitachi Air Conditioners in India as of 15 Jun 2024 at 7:32am. There are 434 Hitachi Air Conditioners in the price list. You can view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price charts, and more along with the lowest prices in India. The most popular and best-selling product in this category is Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star 2024 Model 5400FXL RAS.G518PCBIBF Class, Ice Clean, Xpandable+, With 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty* Inverter Split AC (100% Copper, Dust Filter, White). The cheapest of Air Conditioners from Hitachi is Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAW312HEDO Window AC (Copper Condenser, White) , priced at ₹25,990, while the most expensive is Hitachi 2 Ton 3 Star RAS.G324PCAISF Split AC (Copper Condenser, White) for ₹52,990. The prices displayed here are the best prices found for each item and will help you select the Hitachi Air Conditioners available in India that fit your budget. All Hitachi Air Conditioners prices are in Indian Rupees and have been collected from various online stores. These prices are valid across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

About the Brand

Hitachi makes products in various categories like air conditioners, refrigerators, projectors, tv, trimmers, shavers, desktop computer external hard disks, air purifiers, tablets. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Hitachi made items are sold online at stores like amazon, industrybuying, croma, reliancedigital, vijaysales, moglix, snapdeal, tatacliq.

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Latest Hitachi Air Conditioner ModelsAvailable From
Hitachi 2 Ton 3 Star RAS.G324PCAISF Split AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹52,990
Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star RSQG318HGXA Split AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹39,990
Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star RAS.G512PCAISF Split Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹36,990
Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star RAW518HGEOZ1 Inverter Window AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹37,490
Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAS.G312PCAISF Split Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹30,990
Hitachi 1.8 Ton 2 Star RAS.B222PCAIBA (RAK.B222PCAIBA / RAC.222WCAID) Iconic Wave Design 2023 Model Soft Dry Silent Air Ambience Light R 32 Split AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹49,989
Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star RAS.G512PCAIBFE (RAK.G512PCAIBFE / RAC.512WCAIE) Ice Clean Frost Wash Technology 2023 Model Xpandable Plus Ambience Light R 32 Split Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹37,500
Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star RAS.G512PCAIBFE (RAK.G512PCAIBFE / RAC.512WCAIE) Split Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹37,500
Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAS.G312PCAIBFE (RAK.G312PCAIBFE / RAC.312WCAIE) Split Inverter AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹32,990
Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star RAW318HFDOF Inverter Window AC (Copper Condenser, White)₹35,600

Hitachi Air Conditioners in 2023

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational company with its headquarters based in Chiyoda, in Tokyo, Japan. It is the parent company of the Hitachi Group and is the major part of the DKB Group of companies. It is known for its diversified range of innovative products in the field of Air conditioning systems, Information Technology and Telecommunication systems, Electronic equipments, Power systems, Digital Media and other consumer products like LCD projectors, Camcorders, TVs, Refrigerators, Washing machine, batteries and more. Hitachi provides wide range of premium window and split air conditioners with stylish and sophisticated design which cools your room and office effectively but they offer superior, durable, long lasting and original products to the consumer which can last for decades if they are maintained properly. They provide low priced KAZE series for budget customers who cannot afford to buy a premium range of air conditioners and keeps you cool and relaxed in hot summers.

Features of Hitachi Air Conditioners

Hitachi window and split air conditioners are built with latest technology and equipped with impressive features like anti-bacterial Koukin filter to provide fresh and pure air and auto climate technology to provide comfort and convenience to the consumer in any type of weather condition.

  1. Auto Clean : This is the unique feature available only in Hitachi ACs. On pressing this command, the inbuilt cleaning unit removes the dust accumulated on the AC filter with the brush. This prevents the bacteria formation which leads to unpleasant odors and smells. The clean filter will enhance the performance of AC making it more energy efficient.
  2. Auto Humid Control : With this feature, the humidity is automatically controlled as per the room temperature to provide more comfort to the consumer.
  3. Koukin Filter :This filter helps in the prevention of bacterial growth inside the air conditioner keeping it clean and fresh all the time.
  4. DigiLock : With this security feature, we can lock the AC digitally to protect it from small children or strangers from being mishandled or misused.
  5. Kaimin : This unique features enables the AC temperature to automatically increase by 1 degree celsius in the night.
  6. Defrosting Sensor : It ensures the smooth working of air conditioner for longer periods and prevents the frosting of the indoor unit.
  7. 4-Way Air Distribution : With this feature, air gets distributed uniformly by the adjustment of louver movemet in horizontal and vertical direction.
  8. UV Fresh Technology : This technology removes the harmful bacteria and molds from the room with the help of UV light unit which sterilizes the germs in the moving air and re-circulates the cool, fresh and clean air hence ensuring healthy environment. The device is also equipped with Nano Titanium filter which kills even the smallest sized bacteria so that we can breathe odor-free and bacteria-free air.

Why should you buy Hitachi AC?

Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturer of air conditioners and its biggest production plant in Kochi, Gujrat is among the top 10 manufacturing plants in the world.

  • Effective Cooling : The performance of Hitachi AC is unmatchable when cooling is concerned due to its high-speed fans which are powered by Twin Turbo Technology. They come with Super Cool feature to provide instant cooling. With its Direct Efficient Technology, it reaches the desired temperature in short duration as it starts at high RPM, thus reducing the power consumption and electricity bill. With their built-in Auto Fan speed feature, we can adjust the fan speed to suit our comfort level. They are quite effective in the temperature range of 17 degree to 35 degree C and can cool bigger areas in short span of time by the adjustment of vertical and horizontal louvers with its 4-way Air-Distribution capability.
  • Strong Build : They are durable and have longer life span as they have sturdy outer body and the connecting tubes are made up of copper instead of Aluminium material. Their high quality, competent performance and impressive looks will easily blend with the interior of any space be it home or business and will surely give stiff competition to other peer brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc. Its budget KAZE series have standard looks but are equipped with good features.
  • Energy Efficiency :Their premium models have Twin Rotary Compressor which can be magnetized without electricity, hence saving an additional 10% power than any other conventional AC compressors. With its patent Power Active Module technology, they can suppress electrical distortion and reduce the power loss. It comes with built-in Tropical Inverter Compressor which can withstand high temperature upto 52 degree celsius. Its Auto Climate feature enables it to easily adjust to existing climatic conditions.

Types of Hitachi Split Air Conditioners

Hitachi split air conditioners are compact, slim and have sleek design with the host of unique and intelligent features. They can be easily installed and are equipped with latest inverter technology which is best suited for tropical weather conditions in India. Two types of split ACs are inverter split air conditioners and star rated split ac models. Inverter split air conditioner models consume less power for operation as they adjust compressor speed and refrigerator flow automatically and ensure faster and affordable way of cooling the home or work space. Star rated models have higher star rating, are energy efficient and save considerable amount of money on regular usage besides being enviroment-friendly. They are categorised into various types of models as follows:

  1. Inverter Split AC :These models require very less power so that they can run on inverter back up in case of power shutdown. They work on inverter technology according to which the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. Although Inverter split ac models adjusts their capacity based on the room requirement, it is very important to install a right sized air conditioner in a room.
  2. Fixed Speed Split AC :They are also called Non-Inverter split ac which delivers fixed amount of power via fixed speed. With 4-way blowers, they cool the room uniformly throughout the night. The latest technologically advanced models can be operated through Wi-fi from the phone.
  3. Window AC : Hitachi Window AC are India's first 5-star Window AC models powered by the revolutionary twin motor technology making them highly energy efficient and value for money.
  4. Cassette AC :Cassette ACs work the same way as split ac except that they are installed into the ceiling instead of on the wall. They are best suited in case of limited space and lack of available walls to install acs. These ceiling mounted ACs provide uniform cooling to the irregular shaped rooms as well. They can be easily installed without any hassles as they do not require any ducting.
  5. Duct AC :They deliver the best cooling solution in the home as they are equipped with eco-friendly refrigerants and concealed wires. They evenly distribute the cool air throughout the entire house. As compared to split ac units, they are cheaper to install in your home and are aesthetically designed making them perfectly suitable for centralised cooling requirements.
  6. Self contained units :They are best suited for cooling big spaces like auditoriums, marriage halls and factories. They are usually mounted on the rooftop or on a slab beside the building. They generate the cool air and distribute it uniformly in the entire area.
  7. Chillers :They cater to the needs of various industries, commercial spaces and institutional areas as they deliver efficient cooling and come with low operational noise. They are categorised into two types- absorption chillers and refrigerant compression chillers based on their cooling process.
  8. Spacemaker AC :They are special type of AC models used in unmanned telecom centres. They are highly beneficial for industrial needs as they come with higher cooling capacity, enhanced safety features, low power consumption and minimal operating cost.

Which should be the right Hitachi model to choose from?

Hitachi is a most preferred brand when it comes to selecting air conditioners. However, it becomes really difficult to shortlist the desired model among numerous AC models offered by this Japanese electronics giant. Based on your usage, you can select the one suiting you.

  • Bedrooms in House : If you have smaller bedrooms, then 1 ton or 1.5 ton inverter/fixed speed split ac is appropriate. For larger bedrooms, 2 ton ac unit is sufficient. Hitachi window ac can also fitted in smaller rooms.
  • Living Rooms : A Cassette AC mounted on the ceiling of a living room will be quite economical and will cool the room quickly as compared to individual split units.
  • Commercial places : For commercial places like shopping malls, marraige halls, duct ACs with minimum wiring is suitable whereas for boardrooms and conference rooms, high quality ceiling mounted cassette AC from Hitachi is the best preferred option.
  • Industries/ Factories : For huge spaces like factories, industries and workshops, you can go for self-contained AC units or Chillers or duct ACs depending upon consumer's specific requirements.