Price Lists Of Blood Pressure Monitors In India

Things to be kept in mind while buying Blood Pressure Monitor?

Blood Pressure monitor is a medical instrument which is used to monitor blood pressure or hypertension at home, without visiting your physician. You can purchase it from any chemist next door and do not require doctor's prescription for it but it is always advisable to consult your family physician to check that if you actually need it or not. Blood pressure is Normal if it ranges between 120 mmHG (Systolic measure) - 80 mmHG(Diastolic measure ). If systolic blood pressure is between 10 to 139, then patient has borderline high blood pressure and he has hypertension or high blood pressure if systolic blood pressure is 140 or higher and diastolic blood pressure number of 90 or higher.

Monitoring your blood pressure at home has several benefits like it helps in early diagnosis of high blood pressure and patient can control it and also helps in cutting health care costs. But in adverse situations when patient has irregular heart beat, blood pressure monitors give inaccurate reading.

While using blood pressure monitor, you should keep certain things in mind:

  1. Measure your blood pressure at the same time of day, either morning or evening so that you get consistent and more accurate readings. Blood pressure is usually highest in the morning and lowest in the evening after whole day's work.
  2. Always take multiple readings about one minute apart and note them on piece of paper for record.
  3. Do not exercise, run or brisk walk at least 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Also do not eat, drink caffeinated drinks and do not smoke for more accurate and effective results.
  4. You should have correct body posture before measuring blood pressure. Sit with back straight on a sofa or dining chair and do not cross your legs for accurate results.
  5. Do not move, talk or walk while measuring the blood pressure.
  6. Use the same arm for taking the readings. Readings may vary by 10 to 20 mmHg between right arm and left arm.
  7. While buying blood pressure monitor, do check that the cuff fits your upper arm properly and is not loose or tight. Using the wrong sized cuff can lead to inaccurate reading.

There are two types of blood pressure monitors to choose from :

  1. Manual Blood pressure monitor : They are normally used by all doctors. They include a stethoscope, an arm cuff , a rubber tube to inflate the cuff and a gauge that measures the blood pressure.
  2. Electronic or Digital Blood pressure monitor: They are battery-operated monitors and have cuff and gauge to record the radings. The cuff is wrapped around the upper arm and it automatically inflates and deflates by pressing the button. They are easily available in supermarkets and pharmacies and are of popular brands like Braun, Omron, Dr Morepen, Dr Gene, Diamond, Apollo Pharmacy, Panasonic, Solomon, Operon, Citizen etc.

Note: You can also measure blood pressure by fitting cuff on your finger or wrist instead of upper arm but they are less accurate and sometimes, are very unreliable and hence are not recommended.