Price Lists Of Mobiles In India

Choose the Best Priced Mobile Phone

With availability of so many choices of mobile phones in same budget has made it really difficult for the buyers to choose the right mobile phone. These options make selection very difficult. Buyers either get confused with the features or lucrative prices of different brands. Just type the term 'mobile phone in Rs.10,000 price range' and you will be bombarded with the numerous choices from same or different brands. The best technique to choose right mobile phone from the large options is to compare different phones for features, prices and guarantee. You should also define the preferences before comparing mobile phones.

With the technological advancements, mobile phone companies have filled the market with abundant models with different features. So, the mobile analysis task starts with the need recognition. Some people give preference to simple handsets while some like trendy mobile phones with advanced features like high mega pixel camera, more memory, 4G net connectivity etc.

Major factors to check before deciding on any particular brand or model are:
  1. Operating System : There are three main operating platforms to choose from - Windows, iOS and Android. iOS operating system is developed by Apple and their phones are costliest of all three. iOS provides smooth operation of Apple phones , providing ample options of downloaded apps from itunes store. Android OS is more customizable (in terms of widgets, lock screen and apps) and provides open source platform where even third party developers can create apps and tools. Though Windows phones are quite consistent than Android or iPhones but they are less popular as they provide minimal options in terms of apps and games selection.
  2. Screen Size : Once you have shortlisted the type of platform, the screen size of a mobile is next foremost step to consider. The phones come in varied screen sizes ranging from 2.4 inch to 6 inches. Small screen phones (less than 4 inch) are very easy to hold or pocket and are mainly used for calling and messaging. Medium screen phones (4-5 inches) are well suited for internet browsing or even watching movies or videos. Phablets (having more than 5 inches screen size) are bulky and are difficult to carry but are suitable for 3D gaming and larger readable view of videos, text, apps and websites.
  3. Type of Processor : Processor helps in managing the tasks efficiently, hence you can select a mobile phone according to the processor type- Dual core, Quad core or Octa core. More number of cores will lead to smooth execution of multiple tasks simultaneously. Also the clock speed should be greater than 1GHz as high clock speed will lead to smooth and effortless running of apps, games and videos.
  4. Camera : Smartphone cameras have replaced the point-and-shoot and digital cameras. So while buying smartphones with good cameras, make sure it has autofocus and generally phones with 8 MP or more have good image resolution and are considered appropriate.
  5. Keypad : These days, most bigger sized phones have touchscreen keypads for comfort whereas few cheaper and old models with full Qwerty keypads are also available in the market.
  6. Battery Backup : While purchasing a mobile, battery plays a vital role so as to avoid any sort of inconvenience. The battery of approximately 2500 mAH or more is considered to be apt for any kind of mobile usage.
  7. Other features :Thinner and slimmer phones are easy to handle and take less space in pockets and purses. Mobile phone should be fully equipped with advanced features like dual SIM, GPS, Blutooth, Wi-fi, WiFi hotspot, HDMI, DLNA, NFC , 4G and good battery back up. Few high-end phones have exquisite features like dust-proof, water-proof, scratch resistant glass, fingerprint scanner and shock proof.
  8. Price : Choose the mobiles according to your budget and then compare their specifications and features.

Price is the most important thing you need to compare before making the final purchase. Check the complete price lists of mobile phones in India offered at different stores. Daily updated price list helps you get the best deals on mobile phones. It also saves you time wasted on visiting different portals to get prices and then comparing those.