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View latest Price List of Toshiba Laptops in India as of 14 Jun 2024 at 5:15pm. There are 17 Toshiba Laptops in the price list. You can view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price charts, and more along with the lowest prices in India. The most popular and best-selling product in this category is Toshiba Satellite Pro A40 C X4100 Laptop. The cheapest of Laptops from Toshiba is Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W C5252 Laptop , priced at ₹36,999, while the most expensive is Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W C5252 Laptop for ₹36,999. The prices displayed here are the best prices found for each item and will help you select the Toshiba Laptops available in India that fit your budget. All Toshiba Laptops prices are in Indian Rupees and have been collected from various online stores. These prices are valid across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

About the Brand

Toshiba makes products in various categories like desktop computer external hard disks, laptop pen drives, tv, air conditioners, mobile memory cards, laptops, washing machines fully automatic, cameras, refrigerators, air purifiers, and more. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Toshiba made items are sold online at stores like reliancedigital, amazon, industrybuying, croma, tatacliq, moglix.

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Toshiba Laptop Price list in India

Toshiba laptops is a division of Toshiba Corporation which is a Japanese multinational electronics, electrical equipment and IT company having its headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was established back in 1938 and manufactures diversified range of products including information technology, communication equipment and systems, internet based products and services, power systems, home appliances, medical equipment, logistics, televisions, ICs, industrial and social infrastructure systems. It is among the leading semi conductor manufacturers in the world and is also ranked as the 5th largest personal computer vendor (after HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo).

Why should you buy Toshiba laptops?

  1. Sturdy : Toshiba is one of the hardiest laptop manufacturers delivering sturdy but light weight models.
  2. Premium finish : They come with attractive brushed aluminium and a glossy finish with smooth texture which prevents any scratches and dents on the surface.
  3. Good Connectivity : They come with multiple connectivity options like memory card reader, HDMI port, USB port and more.
  4. Brilliant display : They come in various screen sizes offering sharp and clear display ensuring great multimedia experience.
  5. Enhanced durability : Toshiba laptops have longer life span as compared to any traditional computer models.

Features of Toshiba laptops?

Toshiba is a renowned manufacturer of laptops and the company focusses on the features which makes it stand out from other brands. The consumer should know about the the various helpful features offered by Toshiba :

  1. Hybrid Drive : Toshiba laptops have hybrid drives for saving data, applications and files which enhances the storage and performance of the device. Unlike traditional drives which had huge storage space or solid state drive which had faster speed, hybrid drive technology delivers the speed as well as the storage capacity resulting in smooth, optimum and long-lasting performance. It provides a great gaming, watching videos, video streaming and multimedia experience to the consumers.
  2. USB 3.0 : The latest USB 3.0 (Universal Serial Bus) technology in these laptops ensure ultra fast transfer speeds and maximum performance while connecting to the latest external devices like printers, digital cameras and external hard drives. Also, you do not require seperate power cable to manage that.
  3. HD TruBrite Display : While choosing a laptop, display plays and important role along with processor speed and memory. Their widescreen LCD display comes with high-definition TruBrite technology offering 1600p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio ensuring stunning visual experience while watching videos, pictures, movies and playing games. Their TruBrite displays provide wider viewing angles, amazing color reproduction and crystal clear images.
  4. LED Backlit Keyboard : This is another popular feature present in all Toshiba laptops. This enables the user to use the laptop and continue typing in low light environment by providing illumination for the keys via their LED backlit keyboard. This is also very helpful for gamers as they prefer dim light settings to avoid glare and accentuate the graphics of the games. It also makes the laptop more energy efficient by saving the battery.
  5. 3D PC Technology : Toshiba's 3D laptops are ultimate entertainment devices with big and wide screens, speedy processors, powerful graphic cards, 6GB RAM, large hard drives and Blu-ray disc drives. Their cutting-edge technology along with specialized software, active shutter glass ensures the smooth transition between 2D and 3D viewing.
  6. Eco Charge Mode : This mode increases the battery life cycles of the laptop device and gets enabled through “Battery manager” only when the battery is not fully charged.
  7. HDMI : Toshiba laptops comes with full HD 1080p resolution and HDMI connection which enables it to offer great high-end multimedia experience to the users while playing games, watching movies or listening to the music on a home theater.
  8. Cooling Performance Diagnostic tool : This diagnostic tool in all Toshiba laptops improves their performance and output as they are designed to test the cooling performance of the laptop which may, otherwise be affected by frequent usage and operating environment.
  9. Face Recognition : This feature is added to provide additional security to the device. This software enables the users to easily logon to Windows operating system without entering the password and by using face identification library. This face verification library captures and registers the face of the users and verify while logon by quick comparison.
  10. Great Sound Quality: The laptop models are equipped with advanced high-end audio technology with premium quality speakers from the makes of Harman/Kardon or Onkyo stereo speakers with sound enhancement capabilities. The consumer will be able to experience theater-like sound quality.
  11. Eco Utility : This feature shows the approximate real time power consumption which enables us to monitor the power savings of the device.
  12. Voice Control : All the laptops, ultrabooks, notebooks and desktop PC models by Toshiba come with voice control command capabilities. You can control your PC by using your voice with Nuance Dragon Assistant feature. It can make your life easier as now you can speak aloud the various commands to search the web, post updates to social media networks and more.
  13. Multi-Touch Touch Pad : These laptops come with the touch pad with multi touch control to increase your work output while browsing internet, reading long documents and more. This features enables you to swipe, rotate, push, scroll or zoom in and zoom out on the display screen with a simple touch of fingers.
  14. Magnesium Alloy Casing : These laptops come with Magnesium alloy casings which are extremely light weight. The brushed aluminium glossy finish provides protection from scratches and minor dents and the few models have textured finish to offer resistance against the fingerprints.
  15. Memory Card Reader : You get a handle memory card reader with ample storage space which simplifies the sharing of pictures, movies, music, videos. You can easily transfer the files from your digital camera, video camcorder, MP3 player or smartphone to the laptop using SD cards, memory sticks, pen drives etc.

Different models of Toshiba Laptops :

The company manufactures five series of laptop computers.

  • Satellite :The Satellite series of Toshiba laptops come in variety of screen sizes ranging from 13.3 to 18.4 inches. There are total of 11 models in these lineup of series having HD screen displays and hard drive capacities ranging between 250GB to 600GB. They come with robust hardware configuration featuring latest AMD or Intel processors and 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. The other features included are webcam and a 10-key numeric keypad.
  • Qosmio :These are the gaming series of laptops which are equipped with bigger 18.4 inch display, lot of power, sleek design, second generation Intel Core processors (i7 or i5) and 500GB storage. They are well-designed to perform various applications like 3D gaming, multimedia, video and music editing. They have Dolby home theater audio system with high quality speakers to offer real-like sound effects to the user. The other included features are Blu-Ray disc player and face recognition software.
  • Portege : These series of models are the 2-in-1 (laptop to tablet) detachable ultrabooks with screen sizes varying from 12.1-inches to 13.3-inch. They are ver slim and have very light weight. They open like a normal laptop but can be configured into a tablet within few seconds, with the display on one side and the keyboard on the other. Their popular models R700 offers 13.3 inch display and hard drive capacity from 320GB upto 500GB whereas M780 offers 12.1-inch display with hard drive capacity ranging from 160GB to 320GB.
  • Tecra : This popular series of Toshiba laptops comprise of two models which are equipped with Intel core processors and hard drive capacities between 250GB to 320GB. They can easily charge a smartphone with their eSATA/USB Sleep-and-Charge Combo Port. The extra unique features are 10-key numeric keypad and preinstalled biometric reader which allows you to replace passwords with your fingerprints.
  • Satellite Pro : This is the most popular range of laptop series and best suited for business usage. They have four models having the varied screen sizes from 13.3 to 17.7 inches. They have great inbuilt features like TruBrite technology to deliver brighter images, a HD video card, built-in digital audio system and boots on latest Windows XP Professional operating system

Why choose Toshiba brand?

Toshiba offers premium quality, high performance laptops in various designs sizes and reasonable Toshiba laptop price range starting from Rs 15,000 to Rs 37,999, targeting cost-conscious buyers. They cater to everyone's needs whether it be an avid gamer, working professional, student, gaming, for entertainment, animation or business usage and you can definitely find the right model according to your usage. It believes in providing high-end components, trendy style and functionality in your budget. You do not need to give premium price to get high quality and smart features. Their keyboards are smooth and provide comfortable typing experience. All their models mostly run on Windows, Linux or DOS operating system. Being slim and light weight, they can be easily carried anywhere while travelling. Having sturdy built, they do not break even after falling and are very durable. They also fit pretty well in ultraportable segment comprising of laptops with 12-13 inch displays, thin bezels, metallic finish body and excellent battery backup. The user can shortlist few models according to the specifications required and compare each of their features and Toshiba laptop price individually so that they can make a well-informed buying decision.

Toshiba Vs Dell comparison

  • Design : Dell laptops are simple but have sturdy built. They are available in numerous color options and can be customized by applying special patterns and prints using Dell Design Center. Their keyboards are better than that of Toshiba as they offer more flex on excess usage. Toshiba laptops sport simple and sleek designs combined with heavy use of textured plastics and chrome accents to provide a different look as compared to other brands. Like Dell, Toshiba's trackpads are also easy to use and provide comfort. Their displays are standard and do not offer superior upgraded versions unlike Dell.
  • Reliability : According to Squaretrade reliability report, Toshiba is the second most reliable laptop brand in the world whereas Dell is the fifth most reliable brand.
  • Customer Service & Price : Both the companies offer decent after-sales service and customer support. Dell products are sold primarily through its online store whereas Toshiba sells its products mostly through third party retailers. In terms of price, no other brand can match the cheap Toshiba laptop price range.

Dell laptops offer superior design but in terms of reliability an dprice, Toshiba has no comparison and is definitely a suitable choice.