Price Lists Of Epilators In India

Following points are to be considered while selecting an Epilator ?

Epilator is an electrical device which is used to remove the hair from skin root and pull them out smoothly and effectively without much pain, hence leading to clean and soft skin. An epilator is effective till upto 4 weeks. Using epilator for hair removing is a useful and pain-free substitute of waxing. Epilator is painful when used for the first time but afterwards, there is very minimal pain. They are battery operated and use two AA batteries. Epilators come in corded, rechargeable and battery operated designs.

Following are the key features to be considered while selecting an epilator :
  1. Type of Epilator : There are three types of epilators available in the market to remove the hair based on the mechanism each one of them follow - rotating spiral wire (or spring type epilator), rotating discs or multiple tweezers. The spring type epilator have coiled springs to capture the hair and pull them out. Rotating disk type epilator operates similar to spring type except the fact that it has rotating disks instead of coiled springs. The third type is tweezer type epilator which is the most modern and latest epilator. They have plates instead of rotating discs which creates tweezing effect. All three of them work in similar manner and either of three can be bought depending on your personal preference and price range.
  2. Different body areas: Most women use epilator to remove hair from legs and arms but if you want to remove hair from more sensitive areas like face, bikini or underarms, then choose epilator with special heads. They also have accessories like cleaning brush to clean the hair which are caught between discs of epilator.
  3. Variable speed: The epilators should have an option of adjusting the speed according to the texture of hair and sensitivity of skin. For thick hair and non-sensitive area, set the epilator at high speed whereas low speed is preferred incase of sensitive skin and light hair.
  4. Power option: While selecting Epilator comes in three types of power option-using cord, rechargeable, battery-operated. While travelling, opt for epilator which is either battery operated or rechargeable so that they can be easily carried anywhere.

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