Price Lists Of Hair Straighteners In India

How to choose right Hair Straightener to smoothen your hair?

If you wanted to have long and straight hair for that classy and perfect look then buying a hair straightener is a very wise and best decision. Now you do not have to worry if you have wavy, curly or thick hair and benefit from this amazing hair straightening tool.

While buying a hair straightener, there are different things that need to be considered, suiting your hair type and texture to avoid frustration and discomfort later on :

  1. Plate types : Type of plates in a hair straightener is the foremost thing to look for. Most hair straighteners have plates of titanium, ceramic, glass, metal, tourmaline or combination of ceramic and titanium. The type of plate used also decides the price of hair straightener. When we heat the plates using electricity, the negative ions are produced which seals the cuticles of hair strands and thus smoothens and straightens the hair. Solid ceramic plates are more expensive than ceramic-coated plates. Ceramic plate hair straighteners are ideal for most hair types. They heat up evenly unlike metal or glass plates and do not damage hair and are perfect for smoothening thin to thick hair, making them healthy and shiny. Titanium plates are even better than ceramic plates as they give better and higher ionic output than ceramic plates. They are best suited for thick and rough hair. The latest plate material is tourmaline which is naturally available in nature and gives natural shine to hair and makes them healthier.
  2. Size of Hair Straightener : If you have short or straight hair, then go for narrow width hair straightener which have plates having width of 1 inch-1.5 inch. If you have long or thick hair, then go for thick plates (having width larger than 1.5 inch) but in case of very long hair, 2 inch-3 inch wide plates are sufficient to save time and get good results. The most common size of hair straighteners are 1.25 inch to 1.5 inch.
  3. Adjustment of Temperature : Having temperature control in hair straightener is very important to prevent your hair from being damaged because high heat can cause split-ends or even burn your hair. If you have very fine hair or color-treated hair, then you require low temperature setting (approximately 180 degree) and high temperature setting (between 190-210 degree) is required in case you have thick hair.
  4. Cost : The price of hair straightener solely is the deciding factor in buying hair straightener. At, you will find our huge collection of hair straighteners of reputed brands like Philips, Panasonic, Babyliss, Nova, Morphy Richards, Remington, Wahl, Braun, Brite, Agaro etc.