Price Lists Of Sofas And Seating Furniture In India

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At price-hunt, you can explore and shop online the wide and extensive range of sofa-sets for the your comfort and luxury and adding the style element to your room and hence, making it more vibrant and lively. You will find the variety of sofas of all popular and high-quality brands such as Durian, Godrej Interio, Woodsworth, Purple Heart, Evok, Home Town, Nilkamal, Pinnacle from various online stores. Buying a sofa is a major investement and cost per seat of sofa varies rapidly from Rs. 6000 per seat to 30,000 per seat. Hence, they have to be chosen carfeully considering the size of drawing room or living room, fabric of sofa and budget. While selecting a sofa, the type of sofa, colour scheme of room, pattern of fabric and size plays a vital role. So, do not waste your time shuttling between various furniture stores and shopping on the streets. Compare the various products and types listed by all online sellers and shop online at best price suiting your home and lifestyle.

Tips on selecting a right and durable sofa for your house :
  1. Choosing the fabric : Choose the upholstery fabric for your sofa according to your usage. If you have a pet like dog at home, then go for microfiber fabric or leather instead of seude , velvet, silk, cotton or any soft material which can withstand heavy usage and remain stainfree. Also avoid light coloured fabrics if you have children and pets in house. Opt for evergreen and common colours rather than trendy colours as the colour trends keep on changing with time very soon.
  2. Check the frame : A strong and sturdy frame of sofa will ensure its durability and long life. Opt wooden frame like of pine and plywood will worn out after five to seven years.
  3. Particleboard or plastic frames should be avoided as they crack soon and very short span of life, say may be 2-3 years. Go for hardwood like kiln-dried wood as they stay for long period of time but they are more expensive. The frame and all the corners of sofa should be well padded as then they will not spoil the tile flooring and the upholstery as well.
  4. Cushion fillings : Seat cushions should be comfortable and firm. If you are looking for soft seats, then down cushions are recommended. The low-cost and easy to maintain type of foam used in cushions is Polyurethane but its quality tends to deteriorate with constant usage. Polyester fibre can also be used as they are cheaper but they also become flat soon. Hence the most durable and comfortable cushion material used is High resilient (HR) foam which is slightly highly priced but is long-lasting and durable.
  5. Quality of the springs : Make sure the springs used in sofa are of good quality and also have warranty. Springs should be close together and firm for extra comfort and high quality springs used in sofas these days are eight-way hand-tied springs and sinous S-shaped springs. Coil springs are cheper alternatives but they get worn off with time and needs to be replaced.

Go for colourful and attractive pillows to enhance the look of sofa and hence add more grace and style to the overall decor. Pillow-back sofas are also available in the market which are very comfortable to use and suitable for reading and relaxing.