Price Lists Of Printers In India

Printer Buying guide : How to buy right printer online?

At, browse through our wide range of both colour and monochrome printers and shop online to get best and lowest price. Printer is an external device which accepts text and grahic information from the computer and prints it on the standard sized paper. Before you purchase a printer, analyze for what purpose you need it and then shortlist the type of printer suiting your needs. If you want to print only text documents, then opt for black and white printer and if you want to take the prints of color pages or webpages, then select color printer. Choose a color printer with copy feature if you want to take multiple copies of a document. Go for all-in one color printer, if you want to have copy, fax as well as scan feature.

Different types of printers available in the market are as follows :
  1. Laser printers : These types of printers give black and white medium quality output. They print better text quality than inkjet printers but inferior photo quality. They print faster and are greatly suitable for heavy printing needs like in office, so as to save time and effort.
  2. Ink jet printers : They are also called photo printers or general-purpose printers. They are used for printing plain black and white text documents, photos onto the paper. The text printed through inkjet printers is not as sharp as in case of laser printer but they print high quality coloured print outputs. Nowadays, printers can also print documents stored on memory cards or from scanners and digital cameras without the use of a computer. Their initial cost is low but they have high running cost as the printing ink used in them is costlier than that used in laser printers. They are slower and use less power than laser printers.
While selecting a good quality printer, certain things have to be kept in mind :
  1. Resolution : Resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch) which signifies the number of dots of ink/toner that are deposited on the one square inch of printable area of paper. More the dpi, better will be the quality of print-out. The low-end inkjet printers have resolution ranging from 300-700 dpi whereas good quality high-end inkjet printers have much better resolution of 1000 dpi or more. Laser printers have resolution varying between 700-2000 dpi, depending on the price range.
  2. Paper Size : If you want to take out prints on different types of paper- glossy, stock paper, A4 size, then choose that printer which can accomodate paer of all sizes and types.
  3. Paper handling : The printer you choose should be able to handle more number of sheets on daily basis than you actually print. This is referred to as paper loading. A normal printer can handle approximately 100-150 sheets of paper in a single tray whereas a business printer can handle minimum 250 sheets of paper.
  4. Multi-function/All-in-one : Multi-function printers, also called as All-in-one printers provide additional functions to the printer like copier, scanner and fax machine. Nowadays, Web-enabled printers are also available in the market which enables us to directly connect the printer to the computer through Internet or Wi-Fi access.

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