Price Lists Of Cameras In India

CAMERA BUYING GUIDE: How to choose the right camera to capture your precious moments?

Camera is an electronic device which is used to take photographs or make small videos. Nowadays, digital camera is used where you can record and store images and videos in digital form. These photographs or images can be transferred to computer easily and stored and edited there for any future use. Most digital cameras have LCD screens to view the image before and after clicking the photograph. There are many options available in the market which are totally confusing and are categorised into three types- SLR camera, Point and shoot camera or DSLR camera.

Have a look at various types of cameras, which help in deciding which camera to choose from :

  1. Point and Shoot Cameras : These type of cameras are small in size and compact. They are portable and easily fits into pocket. They are a cheaper option and are used by beginners for clicking decent quality of photographs on day-to-day basis. Although image quality is better than smartphone camera but they do not give high quality images in low light. They have automated features, optical zoom lens, built-in image stabilization to get blur-free images. They are battery operated and use AA batteries (for some models) for operation. They do not have lens view finder which affects picture quality while clicking.
  2. Mirrorless Camera : These type of cameras produce better picture quality and are used when you want excellent image quality. They have large image sensors to capture more light per pixel, hence leading to better contrast, colors and sharper images. They are also light in weight like point and shoot camera but produce better images. They have small interchangeable lens and DSLR have much better performance than these cameras.
  3. DSLR camerasc: They are digital single lens reflex cameras. They have optical features of SLRs along with digital image sensor to produce high quality, crispier and sharper images even in low light conditions. They are often used by professional photographs for photography. They have interchangable lens which shoots multiple images which includes close-up shoots to wide angles. They are available in market in both options- manual as well as fully automatic. They also have optical view-finder to focus on object you want to click so that you get clearer picture. They have image stabilising technology to get blur-free images. They are more expensive than point and shoot camera and mirrorless camera.

While consider buying the camera, the amount of mega-pixels should the last thing to be thought of. Even 8 MP or above is also considered fine. We have huge variety of digital cameras from various brands like Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Benq, Polaroid etc.