Price Lists Of Hair Curlers In India

How to choose Hair Curler for your hair?

Hair curler is the most important part of a hair styling tool and are used to curl the hair to get that a smart and trendy look for a perfect evening. Hair curlers come in different shapes and sizes. There are two types of curlers- heated and non-heated curlers. Non-heated curlers vary in length and width. Wide curler (wide in diameter) results in smooth and fine curls whereas thin curlers gives spiral type curls. For best results, put curlers on your hair for atleast 3- 40 minutes and do not put them tightly as this will lead to hair loss. Heated curlers or hot rollers are available in market in various diameters and used applied on dry hair to get long lasting curls. They are faster to use and they take lesser time than non-heated curlers to produce effective results.

Before you start using Hair curlers, certain points should be taken care of :
  1. Do not apply heated hair curler to wet hair as this will damage your hair.
  2. Apply hair protection serum of good and reputed brand before styling your hair with hair curler.
  3. Avoid using curling irons made of harsh material like metal or which emit lot of heat.
  4. Buy hair curling iron with temperature adjustment as thick and coarse hair require low temperature setting whereas thin and silky hair will take longer time and temperature for great results.
  5. Choose curling iron according to the look you want to carry.
  6. While using hair curlers, take small sections of hair and carefully roll them inside the curlers with the ends tucked inside.
  7. Always wear heat protecting glove while styling your hair. Hair curling iron are always corded and hence used where you have electrical connection.

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