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View latest Price List of Lg Refrigerators in India as of 15 Jun 2024 at 4:51am. There are 840 Lg Refrigerators in the price list. You can view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price charts, and more along with the lowest prices in India. The most popular and best-selling product in this category is Lg 246 Litres 3 Star 2023 Model Frost Free Smart Inverter Compressor Double Door Refrigerator. The cheapest of Refrigerators from Lg is Lg 43 Litres 1 Star 2024 Model Direct Cool Minibar Single Door Refrigerator , priced at ₹9,990, while the most expensive is Lg 674 Litres GC X257CSES Frost Free Inverter Linear Compressor Wi Fi Side By Side Refrigerator for ₹1,73,990. The prices displayed here are the best prices found for each item and will help you select the Lg Refrigerators available in India that fit your budget. All Lg Refrigerators prices are in Indian Rupees and have been collected from various online stores. These prices are valid across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

About the Brand

Lg makes products in various categories like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines fully automatic, tv, desktop computer monitors, mobiles, washing machines semi automatic, water purifiers, microwave ovens, washing machines dryers, and more. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Lg made items are sold online at stores like croma, tatacliq, reliancedigital, moglix, vijaysales, amazon, industrybuying, snapdeal.

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Latest Lg Refrigerator ModelsAvailable From
Lg 655 Litres 2023 Model Frost Free Smart Inverter Double Door Side By Side Refrigerator₹69,990
Lg 43 Litres 1 Star 2024 Model Direct Cool Minibar Single Door Refrigerator₹9,990
Lg 675 Litres GC M247UGLN Wi Fi Inverter Linear Door In Door Side By Side Refrigerator Appliance₹1,24,990
Lg 264 Litres 2 Star 2023 Model Frost Free Smart Inverter Double Door Refrigerator Appliance₹27,990
Lg 423 Litres 3 Star Frost Free Smart Inverter Wi Fi Double Door Refrigerator Appliance, Multicolor₹50,990
Lg 185 Litres 4 Star 2023 Model Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator₹16,390
Lg 204 Litres 4 Star ??GL B211CRRY Direct Cool Inverter Single Door Refrigerator₹21,290
Lg 190 Litres 3 Star GL B201ASVD Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator₹17,890
Lg 592 Litres 1 Star 2023 Model Frost Free Inverter Wi Fi Double Door Refrigerator₹69,990
Lg 246 Litres 3 Star 2023 Model Smart Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator₹27,990

LG Refrigerator Price in India

In hot summers, refrigerator serves as one of the most essential home appliance in our daily lives as it provides you chill water, drinks and ice and also ensures that the stored food remains fresh and healthy. They help in reducing the wastage and can keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long duration of time without compromising on their nutritional value.

If you wish to buy a new refrigerator, LG is a most trusted brand as it provides lot of numerous options in terms of style and functionality. LG, a South Korean corporation was founded in 1947 and was originally called as Lucky-Goldstar. The company has established its strong foothold worldwide in the various categories like electronics, telecommunications, information technology, power generation, consumer electronics and more. It offers highly advanced and innovative range of refrigerators in various colors, sizes and designs. They can be classified into single door, double door, bottom freezer and side by side door models with varying capacities and the consumer can make selection according to his preferences, budget, star rating and available space in the kitchen. For smaller families and kitchen, compact single door models are best suited whereas bigger families can buy reasonable LG refrigerator price models.

Features of LG Refrigerators :

These days, the refrigerator models are equipped with wide range of features that are designed to provide extra comfort and convenience. Few high-end models also have water and ice cube dispenser in the door so that you can get cold water and ice cubes by just pressing a button. Another essential feature available in most of the models is unique climate control options which allows you to change the temperature of specific compartments or areas so that you can selectively kkep the food colder or warmer.

  1. Multi Air-Flow system : LG has small vents over each shelf level to disperse the cool air so that a uniform temperature is maintained throughout the refrigerator hence ensuring that the food remains fresh for longer period.
  2. Glide N Serve drawer : This is a full sized temperature-controlled drawer used for storing fruits, vegetables and non-veg items.
  3. SpacePlusTM Ice System : All LG refrigerator models have slim SpacePlus Ice System in their door soas to provide more free storage space in the freezer. Its only drawback is that it can only accomodate limited quantity of ice. The dispenser in available in variable sizes- regular or extra tall for filling big glasses or pitchers.
  4. IcePlus Accelerated Freezing function : This unique feature helps you in making the ice at much faster rate by accelerating the freezing process. This enables the freezer compartment to run at its coldest setting for a day so that approximately 20% more ice can be produced. This function is very helpful in case of short of time when you are having a dinner or luch party at home.
  5. LoDecibel Operation : This feature reduces the sound made by the refrigerator. It is not present in all the models so while buying, make sure that your selected model comes with this additional option for a noiseless operation.
  6. New Auto Smart Connect Feature : This feature is found in all 3 star, 4 star and 5 star rated models which enables the appliance to consume less power and run even on home inverter in case of power cut.
  7. Smart Diagnosis System feature : This is added to help the consumer in resolving any problem. This trouble shooting feature can be synced with Android app on user's smartphone for quick and speedy response.
  8. Door Alarm : This is a most common feature that every refrigerator model has in which produces the alarm when the fridge is left open for a preset time. This is very beneficial in household having kids so that the food is not spoiled.
  9. LED interior lights : The light inside the fridge provides brightness and very helpful while operating the appliance in dark or at night.

Reasons to Buy LG Refrigerator

While shortlisting a new refrigerator, check all the online portals or credible stores to get the best LG refrigerator price.

  1. They are energy efficient and consume less power. Longer lifespan and durability are the foremost reasons to choose this brand.
  2. They have impressive designs and serve as a great multi-utility appliance.
  3. They have effcient customer support and offer a huge variety of smart and unconventional models to choose from.

Various types of Refrigerator models by LG

They are available in mainly four types- side-by-side, double door, single door and bottom freezer suiting all kinds of households.

  • Side-by-Side : It comes with dual doors with large storage capacity to store the food. They are attractively well designed with freezer on the left and refrigerator compartment on the right side. They are equipped with advanced Hygiene Fresh technology (available in more than 500 lt capacity models) which eliminates the dust and bacteria, making the food fresh and hygienic. It also comes with unique features like Door-in-Door feature (to easily access your favourite food items), indoor ice maker, high energy star rating, dual evaporators (to regulate the inside temperature and humidity at optimum level) and Inverter Linear compressor to reduce power consumption and attaining fresh food.
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator : They provide ample space for storing the food items. These models come with host of features like linear compressor (for less power consumption), smart and quick cooling system (for uniform cooling), easy access to food and much more. The adjustable door shelves offer the flexibility of keeping tall or short, wide or narrow containers.
  • Double Door Refrigerator :They are innovatively designed to suit every household. They come with variety of latest features like Multi-Air flow cooling technology (via multiple vents), LED lighting (they emit less heat and are more efficient than conventional lamps), reversible door, water/ice dispenser (to minimise the loss of cool air) and four sensors (to increase the efficiency), to name a few.
  • Single Door Refrigerator :They are the first India's single door models with smart inverter compressor technology and come in stylish designs and trendy colour options. They offer finest cooling solution and energy saving by providing optimum cooling with 5 star energy rating. They are equipped with eco-friendly and energy efficient R600a compressor and also come with Fastest Ice Making feature that can produce ice within one and a half hour with no additional load on the compressor. All its high-end single door models have innovative features like express ice (makes ice 40% faster on pressing button), eco mode (saves electricity when not in use), movable bottle rack, powercut evercool, cooling retention, moist balance crisper (keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer time), instant ice and more.

What is the criteria to make selection?

Analyse your requirement by answering certain questions like Do you need an ice dispenser? Do you store food items at different temperatures? Do you stay in a place having extreme weather conditions? and Lastly, how much space do you have in your kitchen? This will guide in choosing right and affordable LG refrigerator price model for your house.

  • Dimension : Firstly, measure the space where you want to keep the fridge so that you can determine the size before buying it. For smaller family, single door models are best suited whereas double door models will suit larger families.
  • Dimension : If you want to keep the vegetarian and non-veg food items seperately, then you should invest in side-by-side door model. Usage : If you do not use the freezer compartment frequently, then botton freezer models are perfect for you. Style : For aesthetic look and appeal, you can choose among huge variety of models available in the market.

Latest Models

  • Dual Door-In-Door : With these models, you do not have to bother about the loss of cold air as you can keep your favourite food items on their door side.
  • Smart Inverter 3.0 Refrigerator : They come with smart Inverter compressor technology that helps in saving energy by 48% and reduction in noise levels. It is made up of eco-friendly products which emits less carbon and does not harm ozone layer. The two latest features found in them are Jet Ice which makes ice in less than 90 minutes and Ice Beam Door Cooling System technology to ensure uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.
  • Why choose LG brand?

    In terms of refrigerators, LG scores over other brands for offering high quality, technologically advanced, feature-rich, energy efficient and performance oriented models with long life span. They provide latest frost-free models to protect against air-borne bacteria, advanced purification systems to retain freshness and smart inverter compressor cooling technology to conserve energy. Their innovative and energy efficient products cater to the different needs of millions of people. Before buying a model the user should compare the features, LG refrigerator price, types and functions of numerous available models. Browse the complete collection of side-by-side, french door, double door, single door, top freezer and bottom freezer LG refrigerator models and make a suitable choice according to your requirement, preference and budget.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about LG Refrigerators?

    1. What are the popular models of LG refrigerators that are available online?
  1. LG GL-B201AMHC (190 litres) : This direct-cool single-door refrigerator model is affordably priced at around 13K. It has a capacity of 190 litres and has a 3-star energy rating. It is best suited for offices or small nuclear families.
  2. LG GL-I292RPZL (260 litres) :This Frost-free double-door refrigerator is one of the best selling model and is available at a price below 25K. This 4 star rated model has 260 litre capacity and has great features like Smart Inverter 3, ice beam door cooling, automatic smart connect and premium finish.
  3. LG GL M322RPZL (310 litres) :This Frost-free double-door refrigerator has 4 star energy rating and is of 310 litres capacity. It comprises of new smart inverter compressor which saves energy upto 36 percent hence reducing overall energy consumption. This energy efficient LG fridge is priced around 35K online.
2. What latest features will the consumer get in LG refrigerators?
  1. Smart Inverter technology : The latest models are equipped with new Smart Inverter2.0 compressor with Smart Connect Technology which ensures that during the power cuts, the device operate on Smart connect mode and consumes very less power equivalent to two CFL bulbs.
  2. Smart Diagnosis : With this feature, you can control and access your device through your mobile phone also.
  3. Solar-powered Refrigerators : They run on solar energy with zero power consumption hence saving substantial amount of money in electricity bills. They are equipped with advanced compressors that come with digital inverter technology.
  4. Bottom Freezer : Unlike the conventional refrigerator models with the freezer at the top, these latest models feature the freezing zone at the bottom.
3. Is it important to install a stabilizer with a refrigerator?

Ans : Though the latest LG refrigerator models come with high & low voltage cutoff but they do not have an inbuilt stabilizer. Stabilizer manages the voltage fluctuations and protects the electronic appliance from any damage. Hence it is always advisable to install a stabilizer while running refrigerator.

4. What are the available capacities of LG refrigerators?

Ans : They come in variety of capacity options ranging from 120 litres to 865 litres and consumer can select the desired model suiting their budget and requirement. The commonly used models are having the capacity of 190 litres, 265 litres, 310 litres and 335 litres.

LG Refrigerators Overview

Refrigerators are one of the most important home appliance as they help in preserving the food for longer time duration and keeping it fresh and healthy. While selecting a right refrigerator model for your home, the important parameters to be considered are fridge price, capacity, star rating, cooling technology and number of doors. LG is a reputed and trusted home appliance manufacturer which has established itself in diverse range of consumer electronic devices. Before buying a LG fridge online, firstly calculate the space available in kitchen and then analyse its usage. Do you require an ice/water dispenser? Do you want to store food items at different temperatures? LG refrigerators refrigerators are known for their high quality, long life, enhanced durability and are equipped with advanced technologies like Direct Cool technology, Frost-Free technology, Four Way Cooling technology so that the stored fruits, vegetables and other food items remain fresh and nutritious for longer time. They come with couple of utility items and features like anti-bacterial gaskets, deodorizers, specially designed racks and filters to benefit the consumer. The consumer can choose desired model from its various types like single door, double door, bottom freezer and side by side door models with each of them available in multiple capacities (in litres) and numerous colour options.