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View latest Prices of Kenstar Air Coolers in India as of 15 Jun 2024 at 7:56am. There are 22 Kenstar Air Coolers in the price list. You can also view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price charts and more. Most popular and best selling product in this category is Kenstar 1320 FN KCAC261BG4A OSJ Ceiling Fan Brown. The prices displayed here are the best prices found for each item and will help you select the Kenstar Air Coolers available in India that fit your budget. All Kenstar Air Coolers prices are in Indian Rupees and have been collected from various online stores. These prices are valid across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

About the Brand

Kenstar makes products in various categories like heaters water, juicer mixer grinders, air coolers, refrigerators, heaters room, air conditioners, heaters immersion rods, microwave ovens, air purifiers. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Kenstar made items are sold online at stores like industrybuying, amazon, moglix, vijaysales, croma, reliancedigital, tatacliq.

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Kenstar Air cooler Overview

If you are looking for an affordable and effective cooling solution to beat the scorching heat in hot summers, then air coolers will be best suitable option for you. In the market, you will find various types of air coolers from multiple brands and you can select among them suiting your budget and requirement. Irstly, you have to analyse the usage and then make a choice from different types of coolers such as room coolers (suited for bedrooms and small office spaces), duct coolers (used for centralized air cooling), jumbo coolers (used for large halls and bigger office spaces) etc. based on the area you want to cool.

Key Features :

Kenstar cooler models are integrated with unique technologies and features like Quadra Flow technology, N-Dura technology, Self Timer and Auto Drain. The Quadra Flow Technology supplies cool air to all possible directions of the room. N-Dura Technology helps in even cooling of the room.

  1. Self Timer : This feature enables the user to set desired time at which he wants the cooler to get switched off automatically.
  2. Auto Drain : This is a special mechanism which is electrically operated to automatically flush out water from the cooler tank through a designated outlet.
  3. Water level indicator : With this feature, you can check the water level without opening the cooling pads. The water level indicator lets us know when it is time for a quick refill.
  4. Mosquito Net / Dust Filter : This filter provides clean and pure air to the consumer by preventing mosquitos, small insects and flies from getting into the cooling pads.
  5. Fragrance Chamber -This unique feature is available in its Snow series models of air-coolers. You can keep any fragrance of your choice which helps in keeping the room fresh and filled with pleasant smell.
  6. Honeycomb Cooling pads - This feature is available in all the Kenstar cooler models. It enhances the durability as compared to the traditional cooling pads and saves the consumer from changing them frequently.
  7. They also come with 4-way air deflection system which ensures the powerful air throw upto the distance of approx 30 feet.
  8. Ice Chamber for more effective cooling : By adding ice in an ice chamber, your room gets cooler quicker as compared to the normal cooler without ice chamber. Hence it facilitates the cooling as well as keeps the humidity in control.
  9. Speed Control : This air cooler come with three speed settings which enables you to select the air throw level according to your preferences.
  10. Portability : Few of their models are designed with sturdy castor wheels which helps you in moving the unit anywhere in the house wherever you require cooling even if they are filled with water.
  11. Water tank : The water tank comes in variable storage capacities ranging from 20 litre to 80 litre. On an average, 50-60 litre capacity holds sufficient amount of water to keep your room cool throughout the night and have a undisturbed sleep.
  12. Auto Swing function : It enables the motorised vertical louvered blades to move automatically with the press of a button thus resulting in all-round cooling.
  13. Work on Inverter : Most of their air cooler models operate on inverter so the customers need not worry about the intolerable heat during power cuts in summer season.
  14. Vertical Motorised Louvre Movement : The vertical louvre blades move automatically when swing function is turned on thus ensuring all around cooling.
  15. Water Inlet : Water inlet door makes it very easy and convenient to refill the water without opening the cooling panels.
  16. Thermal Overload Protector : This device enhances the life of the appliance as it protects the motor from getting overheated due to any kind of electricity fluctuation.

Types of Kenstar Air coolers :

Their innovative range of air-cooler models are designed to ensure that the users remain cool in the scorching months of hot summers, both at home and in the office. Each of these models come with exclusive features, multiple functionality, energy efficiency and smooth working.

  1. Snow series : Their models come in variable capacities – 40 litre, 50 litre, 55 litre and 60 litre. They are equipped with a powerful motor which is quite suitable to beat the heat even in bigger spaces and outdoors. This feature packed product offers fast and uniform cooling to meet all your cooling needs. The supported feature include ice chamber, fragrance chamber, water level indicator, mosquito net / dust filter and honeycomb cooling pads.
  2. Turbo Series : They come in the capacity varying from 40 litre to 60 litre capacity which ensures peaceful and sound sleep without the need to fill up water tank in the middle of the night and have a prolonged cooling effect simultaneously. Their models are equipped with a powerful motor which gives you fast and uniform cooling and is equally good for outdoors. With features like ice chamber, honeycomb cooling pads, woodwool cooling pads and water level indicator, it provides great cooling with great comfort and ease. They work on inverter and include various models like Turbocool Super, Turbocool DX, Cyclone 12 and Slimline Super.
  3. Ice series : They come in only two capacity models- 20 litre and 60 litre. They provide fast and effective cooling and their detachable cooling pads prevent the breeding of germs/ bacteria hence releasing clean and healthy air in the room. These pads are easy to maintain and prevent bad smell and help in better air flow. They are equipped with features such as Mosquito net / dust filter, openable cooling pads, honeycomb cooling pads and water level indicator. Their 20 litre models are Ice Tower coolers with multi directional wheels for easy movement and portability. They are smart, energy efficient and can easily fit in smaller places.
  4. Windy series : Windy series are basically blower series cooler models which are either available in various capacities ranging from 20 litre to 60 litre. They have powerful air throw and large water tank for overnight cooling. It comes with Full Function remote control so that user can acess all the faetures including timer setting and swing from anywhere in the room. They operate on Quadra flow technology which results in uniform cooling throughout the room. Their lower capacity models are compact, consume less energy and come with powerful motor making them perfect for cooling smaller areas with ease. Windy series models are also equipped with basic features like Mosquito Net / Dust Filter, Water Level Indicator, Openable Cooling Pads, high-efficiency Honeycomb Cooling pads. All their models work on inverter. Their personal cooler model, Little Super Model has a 22-litre capacity tank and a large ice chamber which ensures instant and superior cooling.
  5. Glamor series : They sport attractive look and come in 50 litre, 35 litre, 22 litre and 15 litre capacity. They are highly efficient with powerful air blast of air upto 35 feet which makes you comfortable and relaxed during hot summers. Sporting elegant looks and smart design along with other features like smart timer, ice chamber, Water Level Indicator, Honeycomb cooling pads, Low water alarm and affordable pricing make them highly desirable and preferred by the consumers. Their most commonly sold air cooler is Glam 50R. Through their full function remote control, you can have full control over their cooling and be comfortable.
  6. Ultra series : They are blower based models which are compact in size but deliver powerful air throw. Their vertical louvre blades are motorised and ensures faster and uniform cooling in the entire area. They have water inlet door which enables us to refill the water without opening the cooling panels. Most of their models are portable with castor wheels which makes it very convenient to move your cooler even when its filled with water. The four new models in this trendy and latest Ultra series are Ultra cool (window cooler) with a 60 litre capacity tank, Ultra Wind (tower cooler) with a 35 litre capacity, Ultra snow (slim desert cooler) with a 35 litre capacity and Ultra blast (desert cooler) with a 60 liter tank capacity. All four models come with high-efficiency honeycomb pads, improving their overall efficiency and operational life. The range also has an in-built thermal overload protector which protects the motor from electricity fluctuations.
  7. Hercules Series : The power-packed Hercules series comes with a large water tank having 80 litre capacity hence keeping the room cooler for long duration. They are fully automated models with smart remote and also have powerful throw of clean air upto 45 feet leading to instant cooling. They are plastic fan based models with low noise and a rust free long life. It has Vitamin C filter which makes the environment healthy, fresh and free from air microbes. Its unique feature Smart Humidity Control controls the amount of evaporation in the room resulting in comfortable cooling even when there is high humidity in the the weather. Apart from the above, they have water inlet door and vertical louvre blades for great functionality and superb cooling.

Shop Kenstar Air Cooler online

Kenstar range is suitable for both office and home. They are affordably priced and provide economical cooling solutions for the summer heat and have lots of advantages over other air cooling appliances like air conditoners etc. They cost a fraction of the total cost of air conditioner and save lot of money in terms of initial investment and hefty electricity bills as they consume very less power. They keep the room cool and comfortable unlike ACs which might get too cold and uncomfortable at night leading to disturbed sleep. Their portable room coolers are lightweight and compact with castor wheels that can be moved anywhere inside the house and does not require any kind of installation except a power source and water. You can select among various models featured in this Kenstar cooler price list and check out their features, power consumed and capacity alongside. Whether it is your office cubicle, small study room or big living rooms, they have options for all type of spaces. They can easily run on an inverter backup and are perfectly suited for summers when there are frequent power cuts. Not just summers, their models are also apt for dry and coastal climate. Their stylish and sleek look will blend well with contemporary home decor and provide cold air in hot summer.

Launched in the year 1996 by Kitchen Appliances India Limited, Kenstar is one of the most popular and trusted home appliance brand which is into manufacturing of various home and kitchen appliances like televisions, air conditioners, air coolers, mixer grinders, food processors, OTG, vacuum cleaners and health care appliances. The company has always maintained all the quality parameters, technical excellence and innovation which makes them the most preferred and finest consumer appliances brand in India. They also provide great technical support and after-sales service to the consumers hence improvising their lifestyle. They were probably the first one to start the trend of impressive, sleek and premium looking fans and air cooler models.