Price Lists Of Trimmers In India

Which type of trimmer should you opt for?

Trimmer is a shaking or vibrating instrument which is used to trim down or remove the excess hair growth on the human body. There are certain parts of male and female body where pubic hair grows excessively which needs to be trimmed down. In earlier times, conventional pair of scissors were used for this purpose which was not safe at all. However, due to latest technology, now electric or battery-operated trimmers are available in the market to remove the excess hair. They are easily available online and helps you in keeping your body neat and clean and well-groomed.

For men, majorly two types of trimmers are available in the market :

  1. Hair Trimmer : Hair trimmer is used mainly by people with short hair. You can use it at home to clean up your neck or shorten your side buns. Hair trimmers often come with special hair trimmer oil which prevents the blades from rusting, keeps them sharp and protects the trimmer from damage.
  2. Beard Trimmer : While buying Beard trimmer, go for well known brand with minimum one year warranty. Also, it is wise to purchase Beard trimmer that can be easily recharged so that it is handy while travelling. They come with several attachments to use comfortably at various angles and are also used to trim moustache as well.

Trimmers for women are used to trim and shape pubic hair and bikini lines effortlessly and without pain. They are light in weight and have hypoallergenic blades to ensure that there are no rashes or skin irritations at the time of using as skin of women is more sensitive than that of men. These trimmers use two AA batteries which lasts till about 45 minutes to one hour of usage. Most of the women trimmers do not require any oil to maintain sharpness of blade and come with several attachments like eyebrow comb, micro trimmer etc.

You need to be extra careful while using trimmers as they have sharp blades and can bruise your skin. Most reputed and popular brands of trimmers are Braun, Nova, Philips, Wahl, Remigton, Babyliss, Panasonic, Gillette, Agaro, Westinghouse, Brite etc.