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View latest Price List of Bajaj Air Coolers in India as of 15 Jun 2024 at 7:56am. There are 32 Bajaj Air Coolers in the price list. You can view product specifications, reviews, ratings, images, price charts, and more along with the lowest prices in India. The most popular and best-selling product in this category is Bajaj 300 300 Mm Metallic Grey Exhaust Fan Metallic Grey. The cheapest of Air Coolers from Bajaj is Bajaj 230 ULTIMA PT01 TableFan Multicolor , priced at ₹1,152, while the most expensive is Bajaj Coolest 43 Ltr DC 2015 Icon Desert Cooler For Large Room for ₹11,990. The prices displayed here are the best prices found for each item and will help you select the Bajaj Air Coolers available in India that fit your budget. All Bajaj Air Coolers prices are in Indian Rupees and have been collected from various online stores. These prices are valid across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

About the Brand

Bajaj makes products in various categories like juicer mixer grinders, heaters water, heaters room, heaters immersion rods, air coolers, microwave ovens. It is an established and very popular brand available online in India. Bajaj made items are sold online at stores like industrybuying, amazon, vijaysales, moglix, croma, reliancedigital, paytmmall, firstcry, tatacliq, snapdeal.

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Bajaj Air coolers Overview

In India, summers are of longer duration as compared to the winter season due to global warming. Air coolers are the cheapest and the most effective cooling solution to provide comfort and relief to the consumer. In summers, many health ailments like heat strokes, dehydration, skin allergies arise due to excessive sweating. To prevent them and stay cool, buying Bajaj air coolers with powerful fans that can cool the room within minutes are a must. They consume less power and are also priced quite less as compared to other room cooling appliances. They can be easily placed in the homes or workplaces without any installation cost.

Air Coolers Vs Air Conditioners ?

Air coolers are better and cheaper way to keep you cool in hot summer months but they are not effective in rainy or humid weather as they only add to the humidity, which makes the summer months unbearable. Though the air conditioners have replaced air coolers these days, but the people still prefer to use room cooler for home as they have lot of advantages of air coolers that have maintained their popularity in the market. They do not require any installation and are available at a fraction of cost of other expensive cooling appliances. They do not have any repair or maintenance cost and its very easy to upcycle them. Also, they are more economical and environment-friendly cooling option as compared to an Air Conditioner. They circulate fresh air in the room unlike air conditioner which recirculates stale air within the room. Their light-weighted frames enhances their portability and they can be easily moved from one room to another.

Features of Bajaj Air Coolers

They are well designed and are made up of high grade plastic which is thermally engineered. In terms of looks and appeal, they sport sleek and ultra-modern design that will go very well with your room decor. They are corrosion resistant and have good sustainability when exposed to humidity and water.

  1. Powerful Air Throw : Bajaj room coolers ensure that your homes and office spaces remain cool and cozy in scorching hot summers making you comfortable and at ease i this intolerable weather. They deliver powerful air throw as well as uniform distribution of air which can cool the room very fast at a speed of around 6000 meter cube in an hour. Their models come with powerful air throw of 80-90 feet which is best suited for big halls, restaurants, banks, residential houses and work places.
  2. Speed Control : The air cooler models come with three-way speed control settings which helps you in regulating the air flow according to your preferences and a few models also come with remote controls.
  3. 4-way air deflection system : The efficient four way deflection swing ensures that the uniform air can travel upto the distance ranging between 50-100 feet. The consumer also gets to enjoy the special bed-level airflow function.
  4. Cooling technology : They boast of a powerful and effective surround cooling technology which ensures that the chilled air reaches every corner of the room consistently.
  5. Easy mobility : They are equipped with sturdy castor wheels which enables you to relocate them effortlessly from one place to another.
  6. Durable : They are durable and corrosion resistant as they are made up of high-grade plastic material.
  7. Low maintenance cost : They are very easy to maintain and they mostly last for a long time duration. Their removable cooling pads can be cleaned very easily. Few models are equipped with a handy drain plug which easily allow systematic drainage of stagnant water from the system.
  8. Water level indicator : With this feature, you can check the water level without opening the cooling pads. The water level indicator lets us know when it is time for a quick refill.
  9. Inverter Compatible : The circuits used in our room air coolers are long-lasting and robust. They function on inverter backup so you need not have to worry about any power cuts.
  10. Filters : They come with mosquito net or dust filters so that they can provide clean and healthy air to the consumer by preventing dust and other small organisms from entering the cooling pads.
  11. Self Timer : With the help of this feature, the user is able set the desired time at which he wants the cooler to get switched off automatically.
  12. Ice Chamber : This is added to few high-end cooler models for instant and highly effective cooling solution. The room gets cooled faster in comparison to the normal cooler without ice chamber. Hence it enhances ooling effect and also controls the humidity alongwith.
  13. Large Water tank : They have higher capacity water tanks ranging from 40 litre to 80 litres to provide long-lasting and effortless cooling to the consumer and the room remains cool for a longer time duration.
  14. Vertical Motorised Louvre Movement : The vertical louvre blades move automatically on switching of the Auto swing function hence ensuring all around cooling.
  15. Thermal Overload Protector : This feature protects the motor from getting overheated and damaged due to any kind of voltage fluctuation thus increasing the longevity of the appliance.
  16. Noiseless operation : The advanced cooling technology used in Bajaj air coolers ensure that the room is cooled silently, providing great comfort and convenience.
  17. Protection against Overflow : They are equipped with overflow valve and drain plug so that we can easily remove excess or stagnating water and protects the cooler from any kind of damage.
  18. Additional features : They also sport other beneficial features like auto water level and a neon indicator. The room coolers also come with a water inlet opening which assists us to refill the water without opening the cooling panels and its overflow set up also prevents the excess water from filling in it.

The popular Bajaj Air cooler models are as follows :

  1. Bajaj Frio Cooler : This cooler features a 23 litre water tank capacity which ensures consistent and efficient cooling performance for a longer time frame. You can include ice cubes in the inbuilt ice chamber which offers faster and quicker cooling. The blower delivers powerful air flow during the operation. It comes with castor wheels for easy mobility and can be placed anywhere in the house or office. It sports attractive design and is made up of corrosion-free and engineered thermoplastic material for durable performance.
  2. Bajaj Platini 36 ltr Cooler :This air cooler has a capacity of 36 litres and is best suited to cool a room of size upto 150-200 sqft. They work well in all types of climates and coastal regions. They are equipped with easily removable pads for great comfort and convenience. The 3 side cooling pad also enhances the performance and sport castor wheels for easy mobility. They are durable, compact and portable room cooler that can be placed in offices and bedrooms for effective cooling. They are constructed from corrosion-free and engineered thermoplastic material so that they can provide long lasting experience to the consumers. Its four way deflection system and advanced chill trap technology ensures uniform distribution of air in every corner of the room and has powerful air delivery of 1300 meter cube per hour.
  3. Bajaj TC 2007 Tower Cooler :These tower cooler are mainly used in offices having size upto 300 sqft. They have a capacity of 37 litres and their cooling pads are easy to clean. They can be taken anywhere as they have sturdy castor wheels for mobility. They are compact and come with features like 3 Side cooling pad, 3 way speed control and four way air deflection for effective and fast cooling of room. With a four-way air deflection system, this tower cooler can easily deliver air up to 200 sq ft. Also, make sure that there is enough cross ventilation in the area or room otherwise cooler will not work efficiently. They are portable and feature ice chamber which provides chilled air every time you switch on the cooler. Other features include advanced chill trap technology, unique ice box for instant cooling, dust protection screen and inverter compatibility. The chill trap technology enables the water to seep through a wider surface area of the Honeycomb pads resulting in faster and effcient cooling solution. This air cooler features a drain plug that lets you easily remove excess water without spilling. Moreover, the Honeycomb pads of this cooler can be easily removed and cleaned, preventing bad smell and breeding of mosquitoes. Also, this cooler can be connected to your home inverter so that you are relieved in case of any power cuts.
  4. Bajaj PCF 25 DLX Personal Air Cooler :This 25 litre capacity air cooler is quite suitable for your room and has air throw upto 18 feet. Like other models, they also come with beneficial features like easily removable honeycomb cooling pads, 3 Side cooling pad for improved performance, portability, 3 way speed control, Noiseless operation and Four way air deflection system.
  5. Bajaj PX 93 Room Air Cooler :These air cooler models feature an ultra modern look and are sturdy as they are made up of a corrosion-free engineering thermoplastic material. Their honeycomb cooling pads are easily removable and sport Chill trap technology to maximise the cooling effect and minimise the cleaning and maintenance. Their four way air deflection system ensures aerodynamic air delivery resulting in optimal cooling. Since the water tank has a huge capacity of 47 litre, you can enjoy the cool air for very long period and do not have to refill the tank in the middle of night. It can easily cool the entire room or area upto 800 sqft with powerful air throw of 80 feet. The three speed control system allows you to adjust the blower speed according to your requirement and how cool you want your room to be. Place it anywhere in the living room or bedroom and enjoy chilling environment.
  6. Bajaj Glacier DC 2016 Air Cooler :You want to enjoy undisturbed sleep at night without thinking of refilling the cooler? Then this model with large 67 litre tank capacity is appropriate for you. Bajaj Glacier Air cooler looks stylish, is durable and made up of thermoplastic material which is corrossion free. Its thermoplastic body makes it lighter, eco-friendly and shock proof. With a powerful air throw of up to 90 feet, this Bajaj air cooler can easily cool a large area of up to 800 to 1000 square feet. With three variable speed options, this air cooler enables you to to set the cooling level depending on your preferences. The multiple water inlets on three sides makes it easy to use and operate them. With castor wheels, we can move this cooler anywhere in the house or work place.
  7. Bajaj MD2020 54-litre Room Air Cooler :To beat scorching heat and humidity in summers, get Bajaj MD 2020 air cooler at home. It is a great buy with features like four-way air deflection system and humidity controller to keep the area cool and fresh. This model has bigger capacity water tank for prolonged cooling which is also equipped with an auto water level indicator to monitor the amount of water inside it and an overflow indicator to alert you when the tank is full. With the water inlet, you can comfortably fill the water in the tank without any inconvenience and mess and they also have the drain plug to remove excess water. Cleaning the cooler is very easy as they have removable cooling pads which are made up of wood wool. Also enjoy uninterrupted cooling as they are compatible with inverter.

Compare Bajaj Air cooler Price online

Excessive sweating caused by heat can cause lot of skin problems, rashes and various health ailments like heat stroke, dehydration and migraine etc. So for your good health and well-being, buy these coolers for your home. They are affordably priced and offer highly effective performance to the consumers while also reducing electricity bills and power consumption. Do not step outside in the harsh heat and select the desired model online from among wide range of Bajaj room air coolers. You can also read reviews, check ratings and compare Bajaj cooler prices before taking a final well-informed buying decision. 

Bajaj Fans

Bajaj offers huge range of products in fan category as well. They come in various sizes, colours and designs. For smaller ceiling space, they have 600mm fan but the most commonly used models in Indian households are bigger 1200 mm sized Bajaj fan models. For stylish looks and modern contemporary home decor, go for fancier fans with a different blade design or with gold/silver outlines. They also have different and unique variety for kids room also to check out for. There are Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, or Little Mermaid prints to choose from. Bajaj coolers and fans keep your electricity consumption to a minimum and your electricity bill will be under control.

Bajaj Cool.iNXT Cooler

Bajaj Electricals has recently launched Bajaj Cool.iNXT, a first IoT (Internet of Things) enabled air cooler which can be controlled through smartphone. Its main motive is to improve customer’s experience through smart technology and innovative designs. It features an Intelligent Sensor that will read the temperature and humidity of the room and will adjust the fan and cooling speed based on that. Other additional features supported by this latest air cooler model includes 5 level speed control, digital control and display panel, digital low water level indicator, honeycomb cooling pads, Ice chamber (for faster cooling) and easy ‘Wi-Fi & Internet Enabled operation with the mobile app. This air cooler will be a great choice for both residential as well as commercial spaces. It can be controlled through mobile app, iR remote and digital control panel on the cooler which makes it unique of its kind and different from other cooler models. With its positive points and qualities, it will really benefit asthma patients.

Established in the year 1938, the company Bajaj was initially known as Radio Lamp Works Limited. It adopted its present name in the year 1960 and is now a popular consumer electronic brand in Indian household. It manufactures home and kitchen appliances such as room air coolers, heaters or geysers, irons, fans, juicers, mixer grinders, food processors, coffee makers, air fryers, induction cooker, electric stoves and lightings, to name a few. They deliver high quality products satisfying the consumers. Bajaj fans and air coolers are one of largest selling summer appliances in India so that they can keep you cool and comfortable in long and hot summer weather. Bajaj air coolers are suitable for all type of tropical climates and geographical locations. They are equipped with features like high air delivery and large capacity water tank to ensure sustained and effective cooling. They are compact, durable and portable offering lot of ease of movement.