Price Lists Of Shoes In India

Discovering the Ideal Footwear: A Guide

Navigating the realm of online shoe shopping can indeed be a perplexing endeavor. A sound strategy is to try on the desired pair in a physical store for a comfort check before hunting for a lucrative deal online. However, if you're already acquainted with a particular brand's fit and feel, feel free to make your purchase online, thanks to the reassuring 30-day easy return and full refund policies offered by many e-commerce platforms.

When it comes to size, adherence to the size chart is crucial. Avoid the temptation of going a size up or down, as the right size is paramount to prevent issues like corns or bone spurs. Given the variance in size charts across brands, a fresh measurement of your feet before embarking on your shoe shopping spree is advisable. This is especially pertinent as different brands may have varying size standards.

Considerations for Your Footwear Hunt:

  1. Evening Measurements: It's wise to measure your feet during the evening or post a day's activities as feet tend to swell, ensuring a more accurate fit.
  2. Paper Tracing Method: Trace your foot on a paper, measuring from the longest toe to heel for length and the widest part for width.
  3. Sock Factor: If you intend to wear socks with your new shoes, wear them while measuring.
  4. Both Feet: Measure both feet and use the larger foot's measurements as a reference.
  5. Size Conversions: Online platforms often list sizes in UK and US standards. Knowing your UK size? Simply add two to get the US size.
  6. Shoe Structure and Foot Width: Your foot's width and the shoe's structure are critical for a comfy fit. For wider feet, perhaps opt for a size bigger especially with pointed shoes.
  7. Sport Shoe Sizing: When it comes to sports shoes or sneakers, a slightly larger size could provide the extra comfort needed during physical activities.
  8. Material Choice: Between leather and rexine, the former, albeit pricier, offers superior comfort.

Quick Tip: To prevent blisters, apply some deodorant or talcum powder to your heel as a lubricant, allowing for freer movement within the shoe, reducing friction and subsequent blisters.

In India, shoes come in a plethora of types and styles, from boots, sport shoes, formal shoes, to sneakers, sandals, loafers, and more. With the ever-evolving trends, 2023 sees a rise in popularity for chunky platforms and skinny-heeled boots. Brands like Woodland, Lee Cooper, Catwalk, Inc. 5, Red Tape, and Carlton London continue to resonate well with the Indian populace, along with international names like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. The Indian footwear market is burgeoning, expected to grow significantly, indicating a flourishing industry and a myriad of choices for consumers.