Price Lists Of Hair Dryers In India

Want to choose good Hair Dryer for that smooth and shiny hair. Still Confused ?

Hair dryers are used to dry your hair faster after shampoo and are also used for styling purposes by creating volume and eliminating frizziness.

Whenever you are purchasing a hair dryer, then you should always opt for high quality blow dryer resulting in strong hair and decreasing the chances of your hair becoming brittle.

There are certain features which should be kept in mind while deciding to buy hair dryer:

  1. Wattage of Hair dryer : More is the wattage of hair dryer, more power is there and thus it will emit more heat. Hair dryer with higher wattage will dry your hair faster. Most commonly used and good quality blow dryers have power between 1300 watts to 1875 watts, which is quite dood enough to be used at home.
  2. Types of Hair dryers : Hair dryers are classified into three types- tourmaline, ionic and ceramic. All three of them are suitable for all hair types. Low quality hair dryers with metallic or plastic parts produce positive ions that damages the hair. Ceramic Hair dryer emits infrared heat which is non damaging and protects hair from heat. They also distribute heat evenly and thus dries the hair both from inside as well as outside. They prevent frizziness and add more shine to hair, making them smooth and healthy. High quality ionic hair dryers produces negative ions which breaks water droplets on hair and allow it to dry faster, without damaging them. Tourmaline is a precious metal that intensifies ionic technology and emits both infrared heat and negative ions and adds more shine and smoothness to hair. They produce large number of negative ions and thus dry hair upto 70 percent faster than non-Tourmaline blow dryers.
  3. Heat Settings : Hair dryer should have an option of both multiple speed adjustment and heat setting. There should be different levels of temperatures to suit different requirements. For styling purposes or damp hair , low heat is required and in case of wet hair, we require high heat for faster drying.

Besides this, there are several attachments available along with blow dryer. There is a diffuser which distributes heat evenly and ideal for curly and thick hair. The most famous brands of hair dryers are Philips, Panasonic, Babyliss, Nova, Morphy Richards, Remington, Wahl, Braun, Brite, Agaro, Black and Decker, Tony and Guy, Vega etc.