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The best selling and most popular product in this category is Next In Blow Hot Air Bjaj Room Heater. The most expensive product is Buychoice Electric 39 Gas Room Heater Room Heater which is priced at ₹46,200. Contrary to this, the cheapest product in the Heaters Room segment is Sword S 2RD 03 Ceramic Rod Pack Of 2 Halogen Room Heater which is available at lowest price of ₹259. The price shown here is the best price found for each item and will help you select the Heaters Room available in India that fit your budget. All the Heaters Room prices are in Indian Rupees, they have been collected from various online stores and are valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and other cities for online purchases.

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Winter is the most preferred season of the year because of its long nights, cosy and lazy mornings, falling temperatures and bright coloured winter clothing including mufflers and gloves etc. Amidst biting cold and chilly winds, an efficient room heater is very important in every household to maintain a comfortable room temperature. They are designed using innovating technologies to make keep the interiors warm & cosy. India has extreme weather conditions and the consumer needs to be fully equipped to sustain these climate changes. In winters, mornings and evenings are pretty cold, hence room heaters need to be installed in the rooms to cope up with the weather as wearing warm clothes is not sufficient. So go ahead and select the right model among wide range of room heaters available online of leading and reliable brands such as Inalsa, Havells, Orpat, Usha, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Orient, Maharaja Whiteline, Fabiano, Eveready, Glen etc with high quality features. While shortlisting the desired model, the consumer should consider certain important factors including heating capacity, heater type, energy-efficiency, safety features, noise levels and lastly, the budget.

Types of Room Heaters

In winters, everyone feels lazy to get out of the bed, wrapped in cosy blanket and sipping a hot cup of coffee while reading your favourite book or watching television. With all this, you require a good room heater to make you feel comfortable and bring some warmth in the ambience. A room heater will ensure that you are warm indoors and do not stack yourself with lots of warm clothes. It warms up the room making it much warmer than the original room temperature. While buying the right room heater for yourself, do check out the relevant features like wattage, automatic on-off switch, power cord length and handle for smooth functioning. They are categorised into various types based on different heating types like Fan/blowers, carbon, quartz, halogen, radiant heaters, and oil filled room heaters. All the room heaters are equipped with advanced safety features like fully-enclosed heating elements, automatic timed shut-off, tip-over safety switch and others to ensure enhanced safety and security of the consumer.

  1. Fan heater or Convection heaters : They are also referred to as ceramic heater or blower and work on the principle of heating the room through convection technology where a coil or panel is heated. The fan blows the air towards the heated panel and spreads the warm air across the room in an uniform manner. Equipped with features like adjustable temperature control option, digital display, power indicator and top class material quality, they are highly efficient as compared to other type of heaters and heat up the closed room quickly. They are light in weight and portable hence are used extensively in residential houses. They are reasonably priced ranging between Rs 1000 to Rs 2500. They are easy to maintain. They circulate the air in the room uniformly and efficiently hence are a great option when you want to heat the entire room quickly. Their drawback is that they are a bit noisy and unsuitable to be used in humid conditions.
  2. Conduction heaters : In this type of heater, the metallic coil gets heated electrically which spreads the heat and warms the room making it cosy and comfortable for the user. They are silent and heat up the room completely and evenly. Their price varies between Rs 1500 to Rs 2500 approximately.
  3. Radiant heaters : These heaters operate on the principle of infrared technology in which the heat is emitted in small areas on which they fall, thereby gradually heatup the room completely. They are energy efficient, offer noise-free operation, very convenient to use and maintain the consistent temperature in the room. They are priced between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000. They are best suited for people who are prone to dust allergies or having asthma as they do not heat the air around them. They are also called Halogen heaters as they make use of halogen lamps to keep the room warm in the winters. They are extremely effective & safe, especially for the families with kids and pets at home. They have advanced features like remote control and multiple heat level settings to provide a cosy & warm ambience to the consumer. They are most effective if you sit close to them. They are light in weight and portable devices that warm up the room very effectively.
  4. Oil-filled heater : They are most popular these days but are highly priced ranging from Rs 7000 to Rs 10,000. They heat the room slowly as they heat the oil first and then spread the heat gradually. They are better than other heater types as they are equipped with features like noise-free operation, energy efficient, slow to cool and will not dry the air. They are suitable for all room sizes and keep the room temperature constant for longer time duration. They are primarily available in black, silver, brown or white colour variants.

Important features to look out for in a heater :

  1. Number of heating elements : More the number of heating elements in a heater, better will be its performance resulting in faster heating.
  2. Automatic Power cut feature : This is the most important safety feature in every room heater as it automatically turns off when the desired temperature is reached hence saving the energy bill along with enhanced safety.
  3. Light : In case of radiant heater, just ensure that the light is not too bright at night.
  4. Safety grill : If you have kids or pets at home, then make sure that the heater has an additional safety grill to cover the heating element externally.
  5. Portability : Go for a light weighted portable model so that you can carry it easily to any room wherever you sit.
  6. Energy rating : While selecting the heater model, ensure that the heater has higher energy rating so that the power consumption is reduced.
  7. Temperature settings : Buy a heater that has multiple heat settings so that you have an option to select according to your room type and temperature preference.

Top things to be considered while buying a Room Heater :

  1. Type of heater : Before shortlisting the heater model, analyse what type of heater you want to buy for your home. You can choose from among the different types such as radiant, infrared, halogen, convection or oil-filled room heater according to your requirement, room size and preference. Some are meant for larger spaces whereas some are best suited for smaller areas.
  2. Power consumption : Higher wattage means more heating capability and less wattage means less heais dissipated. For bigger rooms with higher ceilings, it is advisable to go for more powerful room heaters for more efficient heating solution. Having the room heater model with adjustable wattage or the ones with thermostat will definitely reduce the monthly electricity bills.
  3. Style & Design : They are available in various shapes, sizes, styles and colours complementing your room decor and enhancing the appeal. You will find various designs such as wall room heater, freestanding compact room heater, baseboard room heater and many more options to choose from so that you can remain comfortable in the winter season. You can also go for an auto revolving heater or a normal one depending on your convenience.

General safety instructions while using a room heater :

  1. Always place them away from inflammable substances.
  2. Keep them away from water.
  3. Do not dry the wet clothes on the heater.
  4. Do not keep them near children or pets.
  5. Place them in open space around 3-4 feet away from any object. Do not keep them in passage or near door soas to avoid any physical mishaps.
  6. Do not place them on an uneven surface. If they fall off, then their heating element might get damaged.
  7. Do not keep them on any furniture instead place them directly on the ground.

What are benefits of buying an Oil-filled room heater?

  1. Longer life : The silicon oil used in oil-filled room heaters does not evaporate on being heated hence it lasts for very long period of time.
  2. Stable temperature : They provide constant heating and maintain the room temperature at a stable value for longer time duration.
  3. Do not dry the air : They do not reduce the oxygen content of the room thus preventing the suffocation and skin dryness.
  4. Good for health : They are environment friendly as they do not emit any kind of harmful radiations hence are safe to be kept at home.
  5. Safer operation : They do not get heated much so there is no chance of getting burnt by touching it accidentally. The heater also automatically gets turned off when the room temperature is warm.

Popular Room heater models in India 2019 :

The latest heater models are energy efficient and do not consume much electricity. They are available in various capacities and you can choose the right one by matching them with your requirements based on size and shape of the enclosure among the popular Bajaj room heater or Usha room heater.

1. Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Heater :

This Orpat heater helps you to stay comfortable in chill cold weather as it spreads the heat uniformly in the entire room and you need not have to sit close to the heater. This is an element heater which is available in two heat settings of 1000W and 2000W and a thermal cut out to ensure enhanced safety for extended time duration throughout the day and night. It is best suited for heating a small/medium sized room upto 250 sqft.

2. Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil filled Radiator :

This is 9 fin oil filled heater which is equipped with adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature. It consumes 2000 watt power for steady and uninterrupted operation. It is portable and comes with castor wheels with mounting plate for easy mobility.

3. Usha HC 812T Heat convector :

This 2000 watt room heater comes with three heat settings and two fan speed options which enables the consumer to adjust the temperature very precisely. Its height can also be adjusted if you wish to provide direct heat to specific area of the room. For safety purpose, it has an in-built thermal cut-out feature which protects it from excessive voltage fluctuations. It has advanced features such as twin blade fan for better heat dissipation, a night light indicator to give proper lighting in dark and copper conductors in its cord for additional safety.

4. Orpat ORH-1410 Radiant heater :

Keep your house warm during winters with this 1000 watt Orpat radiant heater. This is compact and stylishly designed with nickel chrome mesh grill and bright nickel chrome plated reflector. It is portable, light in weight and can be moved about in any room inside the house. This heater uses infrared technology to produce heat and create comfortable environment and temperature in the room. It provides perfect heating solution for small to mid-sized rooms upto 150 sqft.