Price Lists Of Audio & Video Products In India

How to buy Good Audio system?

Audio is the sound which is audible to human beings within acoustic range. Audio files are usually compressed in MP3 format or wave file format for faster transmission.

There are two types of audio amplifiers which help in choosing right audio system:
  1. Class A/B analog amplifier : These types of amplifiers are conventional or traditional type of amplifiers. They consume more power and are less energy efficient than digital amplifiers. An analog amplifier consists of two separate circuits – output circuit which generates electrical power output signal for speakers from incomimg audio signal and an AC signal which modulates the sound waves.
  2. Class D digital amplifier : These are high-quality digital amplifiers which are used nowadays and are more energy efficient (90% or more) than analog amplifiers. Digital amplifiers use high frequency switching circuits to modulate the output devices.

The sound is reproduced in multiple formats like monophonic sound, stereophonic sound, Dolby Digital Plus (it is a six-channel audio system and is commonly used in home theater systems). You should be carefull while buying amplifiers as a low-powered amplifier can burn out the speakers wheras large amplifiers will generate clean and distortion-free AC audio signals.

For a high quality sound, we require good and reputed audio system and speakers. Following are the three things which will help in selecting Right Audio systems for ur house :
  1. Purpose to Buy : You should first identify the primary use of audio sytems.  In case you want to buy it with the purpose of watching movies and television, then opt for a surround sound system for an accurate viewing as well as listening experience.
  2. Size of Room : The size of room also plays a vital role in deciding which audio system you wish to purchase.  In case , your room size is big, then you must select full-sized and full-range speakers to get powerful and excellent sound.
  3. Budget allocated : Your budget and price range also decides in selecting the quality of audio system. For bigger rooms, you have to buy powerful audio systems, and hence have to invest in more money.
While buying, online purchase the products of reputed brands and manufacturers like Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Skullcandy, JBL, Transcend, Vox, Ambrane, iBall, Sennheiser, Advik, to name a few.