Price Lists Of Shavers In India

With lot of options available in the market, choosing right shaver is quite tough ?

Shaver is an electronic device which is used to shave hair from face, body or head. Although the beard look is trending these days, but most of the men prefer to have clean shaven look. The perfectly shaved face combined with smart attire accentuates and complements every man's look. Shavers are the most important part of shaving accessories and come under various good-quality and reputed brands to suit your grooming needs like Gillette, Philips, Babyliss, Braun, Brite, Wahl, Remington, Panasonic, Nova, Westing House etc.

There are two types of shavers available in the market to get smooth, clean face or head :
  1. Rotary shavers : These type of shavers have round heads (usually three to five, depending on size) covering the circular blades. They move in every direction and very flexible and efficient than foil shavers. They also produce better results. Rotary shavers make lesser noise than foil shavers and are suitable for long hairs and can also shave comfortably in every direction- up and down or side movement.
  2. Foil shavers : Foil shavers are covered by comparatively larger and curved rectangular metal heads with small holes inbetween them. These shavers make lot of noise and good quality foil shaver have high vibration rate, approximately 14,000 cycles per minute. Most of the foil shavers have three or four blades in a single foil.

In case you have round face and dense hair, then you should opt for Rotary shavers. For men having slim and thin faces and light hair, Foil shavers are best suitable. We have variety of shavors in different sizes, shapes and quality. Rotary shavers are more expensive than Foil shavers. Manual shavers are best but a good quality rotary or foil shavers can also shave close to manual shavers. Also use good and superior quality after shave to get smooth and soft skin and complete the macho man look.