Price Lists Of Glucometers In India

Glucometer buying guide : Choose and shop the right Glucometer ?

Glucometer (referred to as Blood Glucose meter) is a medical computerized device which is used to measure and control the glucose level in the blood. This instrument is mainly used by diabetic patients to control their sugar and maintain their health. Glucose monitoring kits or Glucometers come with testing glucose strips, small needles to prick the finger so that we can take blood sample and a device to keep the needle. The blood sample, which is taken on the testing strips, is inserted into the monitor and we can compare the reading with the glucose chart and analyze. Testing strips are most expensive part of the meter, so before buying glucometer, do analyze how frequently you need to take the blood sugar reading.

It is very important to have controlled blood glucose levels as the high blood sugar level can lead to various chronic diseases like heart disease, blindness, kidney damage or may be liver damage also. Low blood sugar level in your body can lead to mild to acute complications like weakness and coma. Blood sugar glucose monitors can be easily used at home and thus are very helpful in maintaining your health and deciding about your diet, medication dosage and exercise. Depending on your budget and your requirement, you can buy a basic model or a more advanced model which can also store information in its memory for future use.

Please find here the few tips for shopping for Glucometer :
  1. Size of Glucometer : Small-sized glucometers have less functions and smaller screen to view the readings, hence before buying the meter, go for decent sized glucose meter unless you require it for travelling and have no other option but to go for small size.
  2. Data storage : Few advanced glucose meters can store multiple readings along with date and time. This is really important to keep the record chart of blood sugar level and thus track the consistency.
  3. Glucometer accuracy : Self-coded blood glucose meter monitors are more accurate than others because we do not need to enter the code manually every time we we switch it on and open the new pack of strips. Hence the scope of error is minimal in this case. Also for perfectly correct results, follow the instructions carefully and regularly clean the meter. Much advanced glucose meters have electronic alerts facility to inform when to clean the meter.

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