Price Lists Of Desktop Computer Accessories In India

Know more about Desktop Computer accessories?

A desktop computer is placed at a single location desk/ table and is not portable like laptop due to its size and power requirements. It is basically, a system of many parts working together in association. Keyboards, mouse and web cameras form the major part of computer accessories. Keyboard and mouse are the input devices, used to enter and select item on the computer screen.

  1. Mouse : There are many types of mouse available in the market, so we have to choose according to our comfort level as we spend a lot of time working on desktops everyday. There are various models of mouse available like Palm Grip, Claw Grip and Fingertip grip. You can also choose from among wired as well as wireless model. Wireless model require AA batteries but they are convenient to use. Wireless Bluetooth model is very common these days and is gaining popularity among users.
  2. Keyboard : While selecting the keyboard, make sure that you buy the one with adjustable height and tilt which is just at the right level of where you are sitting, otherwise it can lead to strain, back injury or neck aches. Some keyboard models have a wrist rest to provide extra comfort to the user. Like mouse, keyboards are also available in wired as well as wireless options. Wireless keyboards are more expensive and require batteries to operate. Nowadays, latest keyboard models have extra function keys to ease user's effort like volume slider to control volume of music player and so on.
  3. Web cameras : Web camera is a digital camera which is connected to the computer and helps in viewing real images through the computer network. While choosing web cameras, make sure that it has high frame rate to get clearer and sharper images and it should also have good quality lens. The latest models also comes with built-in microphone.

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