Price Lists Of Watches In India

Buying guide for watch?

Watch is a small piece of time which is worn by a person on his wrist at all the occasions. Watches have become a fashion and style statement and reflects a person's personality, rather than just being used to see time. They are most important accessory used to complement your outfit. Buying a watch can be time-consuming depending on budget and person's tastes. Watches are also available in funky and trendy colours, designs, prints and shapes for all age groups, especially youngsters and teenagers. Watches are available in various types of straps like leather strap, rexin strap, metal strap, steel finish strap, silver strap etc.

There are few things that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a watch:

  1. Type of watch : Watches are categorised into two types- Analog or Digital watch. Analog watches represents the time in the form of hour and minute hands marked with 1 to 12 in numeric or roman numeral form. These types of watches are classy and formal and are best suited for formal occasions like business meetings, dates and formal events. Digital watch have LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode) screens on which time is displayed in number form. They are best suitable with casual dressing and sporty attire.
  2. Case of watch : In case of analog watch, case of watch is normally of round, rectangular, square shape and is made of metal, steel, platinum, gold and silver finish. Digital watches most commonly have square shaped case and are made of plastic.
  3. Water resistance : While selecting a watch, it is important to check out water resistance of wristwatch. Look out for watch that is water resistant.
  4. Additional watch features : Besides the time functionality, the watch should have various feature as well. The popular features which should be present in non-digital watch are achronograph (chronograph is the ability of watch to behave as a stop watch) and alarm (we are able to set alarm in the watch). The most common features to be found in digital watch are calculatot, heart rate monitor (to record heartbeat rate during workouts), GPS (to track the location using satellite technology) and digital camera (to click images).
  5. Price: There are various types of watches available online but with different price range.

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